Dolores Cannon – Biography

Dolores Cannon the world-renowned Hypnotherapist

Dolores Cannon was a famous hypnotherapist, author, international lecturer, and teacher born on April 15, 1931 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, where she grew up with her family until completing her academic studies in 1947. She married Johnny Cannon, a Naval Officer, in 1951 and she traveled around the world and raised her family amid a typical military family, until 1968 when several traumatic events changed her life, eventually leading her to delve into the world of hypnosis.

Dolores Cannon’s professional career was active for more than 4 decades, during this period she worked with thousands of clients in regressive hypnotherapy sessions.  It took Dolores considerable time and patience to develop her hypnosis technique, replacing long and tedious inductions. Thus she established her current technique “Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique”, QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy), which allows contacting and communicating directly with the subconscious of any individual, as well as in many cases, instantaneous healing.

Dolores Cannon is Introduced to Reincarnation

In the 1960s, Dolores and Johnny used simple hypnosis for habits (smoking cessation, weight loss, etc.). Dolores was first introduced to reincarnation in 1968 when one of the doctors at the naval base where she was stationed in Texas asked her and her husband to help one of his patients use hypnosis. The woman was in a very bad health condition due to her diet. The physician thought it would be extremely beneficial if hypnosis could be used to help the woman simply relax. 

Midway through the session, the woman unexpectedly began describing scenes from a past life in which she was a flapper (Flapper is an anglicism used in the 1920s to refer to a new lifestyle of young women who wore short skirts, no corsets, a special haircut called a bob cut, and listened to unconventional music). Dolores and Johnny saw the woman transform into a different personality with different vocal patterns and body gestures.

Moving to Arkansas

Dolores Cannon moved to Huntsville, Arkansas in 1972

Later that year, Johnny was hit by a drunk driver in a horrific car accident on his way to the Naval Base. As a result of his injuries and being confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life as a partial amputee Dolores and Johnny decided to move to Huntsville, in the hills of Arkansas, where they thought they could afford to live on a military pension with their four children. During this time, Dolores’ explorations in hypnosis and reincarnation were left behind as she was completely focused on her husband and raising her children.

Once her children were grown and left home to start their own lives, Dolores decided to begin practicing hypnosis again with clients in the late 1970s. As she explored further, she gradually realized that the information she was receiving about past lives, different periods in time, and a variety of other topics were not coming from the conscious area of the mind.

The additional information she was receiving through the clients was being supplied by a much larger, more powerful, and more knowledgeable part of her clients that their conscious minds were completely unaware existed. She decided to label it the Subconscious, as it was a part of every person’s mind that exists, but is just below the level of our conscious, observing minds.

Throughout the evolution of her career, a recurring theme is that Dolores reaches a “comfort zone” in understanding respect to a particular area. Then the Subconscious may present her with a new concept that often completely challenges her belief system and forces her to expand her thinking.

In the mid to late 1980s, Dolores slowly began to be taken in a new direction of exploration. She was introduced to the area of UFO and ET research in 1985 when she attended her first annual meeting for MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), one of the largest and most respected UFO research organizations in the world.

Dolores Cannon Books

Dolores has become perhaps the world’s best-known expert on the prophecies of Nostradamus. Working across several different subjects, Dolores was able to establish communication with Michel de Notredame, better known as the prophet Nostradamus. Dolores has written the three-volume series ‘Conversations with Nostradamus. This series contains the translation of nearly 1000 prophecies, all interpreted for the first time, and have been in print since 1989. It is considered the most accurate interpretation of these prophecies.

Until her last days in 2014, she was teaching her technique all over the world, while continuing to write her books.

With 19 published books to her credit, Dolores Cannon can easily be considered one of the most renowned practitioners in the field of Hypnosis and Metaphysics.

Through her patients in a state of hypnosis, she was able to obtain the information necessary to write all of her books, and among the many topics she addressed are:

  • past lives
  • extraterrestrials
  • life on other planets
  • energy healing
  • famous historical figures such as Nostradamus and Jesus
  • abductions

“I have developed my technique over the years. It is not like any other hypnosis technique. We can get in touch with what I call the greatest force there is, and it is a source of all knowledge.”(Dolores Cannon)

Some of her best-known books:

  • The Keepers of the Garden.
  • Convoluted Universe I, II, III.
  • Nostradamus 
  • The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth
  • ETs and UFO’s ( Extraterrestrials and UFOs)
  • Reincarnation and Past Lives
  • Life After Death and Life Between Lives
  • Ancient Civilizations 
  • Atlantis 
  • How life on Earth Began