Tarot Card Celtic Cross Spread

Deciphering the tarot card Celtic Cross spread

The use of the Tarot as a means of divination is undoubtedly the most widespread oracular medium, especially in the western world, perhaps because part of its deck has been used for centuries in recreational activities. There are several ways to read tarot cards. There are different ways of arranging and selecting them, and each one can be adapted to the needs of the inquirer, so the reader must first talk with him or her to decipher which card spread is best for him or her. There are several different tarot card spreads from one, three, or five-card spreads to the more intricate tarot card Celtic Cross spread.
One of the most powerful ways to spread tarot cards is the Celtic Cross. It is one of the most complete and ancient techniques that exist to this day. This procedure reflects the richness of different situations. It involves the protagonist, the antagonist, intrigues, outcomes, and conflicts. Let us remember that tarot is about telling stories with the cards, and this spread does just that.
The tarot card Celtic Cross spread can be used in various situations, to seek solutions to a problem, to try to find out what is the best way to conduct ourselves before a certain situation, as a guide to a question or how our life is at the moment.

Where Does the Tarot Card Celtic Cross Originate?

A Celtic Cross, which is the shape the tarot card Celtic Cross spread is based on

By observing Celtic culture, you will be able to determine a world where mysticism and magic abound. Also, they are full of fairies, gnomes, elves, and landscapes that are part of that community.
The spirits that live in these Nordic forests are the creators of elements such as earth, fire, water, and air. All these magical creatures are still alive and well in Celtic culture. Therefore, this magic is considered to be an essential part of the culture.
The tarot card Celtic Cross spread comes from a magical practice and is charged with great light. It will be perfect for your inquirer to achieve the inner peace they are longing for. It is thought that the Celts are recognized as imaginative and curious due to the connection they have with the stars and nature. Since the beginning of mankind, they have focused on finding various methods that are useful to connect with spirituality. This is why they nourish themselves with all the necessary knowledge that allows them to achieve their goals. With this, they have managed to decipher the enigmas that the future holds.

Elements of the Celtic Cross Spread

A tarot reader using the tarot card Celtic Cross spread

Among the aspects defined in the tarot card Celtic Cross spread would be:

    • The Situation – This is the deck that provides the starting theme. This means that it is a sign of what is currently happening with the inquirer. As well as how the established situations are expressed and how the individual lives in the context.
    • The Outcome – This is where the deepest needs of the person being consulted come to the fore.
    • Where It Comes From – Through this deck, you will see the past, how you have been and where you come from.
    • The Objective – It is an indication of what you need to achieve or observe. That is, what the inquirer has in mind at the time of the spread.
    • Where You Are Going – It is the card that allows you to see the most immediate future of the inquirer. This means that it is about what is soon to manifest.
    • Internalization – Through this deck, you can observe how actions affect the individual.
    • Expectations – What the future holds for us or what is about to come causes us fear.
    • Consequences – At the time of the spread, it is possible to determine where the individual is going, depending on future events.

How to Perform a Tarot Card Celtic Cross Spread?

A deck of Tarot cards

Step 1: First of all, we must shuffle the cards well while thinking about the question we want to have answered. We then place the cards face down in a pile and ask the question out loud. We can begin to build the Celtic Cross with the arcana of the deck.

Step 2: Subsequently, we will place the cards face up one by one following the order and arrangement of the Celtic Cross spread. When we place each of the cards, we must perform its particular interpretation before moving on to the next one.  As we have mentioned before, each position represents a specific situation. The following is the meaning of each card according to its position on the cross:

    • Card 1: The Present – Represents the current situation of the inquirer as well as the influences and conditions of his environment.
    • Card 2: The Current Challenge – Represents what opposes the inquirer, what crosses his path. As you can see, this card is placed on top of the first card and in a horizontal position, and for its interpretation, it is always considered in an inverted position.
    • Card 3: The Basis for the Situation – Represents the fears and hopes of the inquirer. It symbolizes his mental situation and, therefore, is at the “head” of the cross.
    • Card 4: The Past Relevant to the Situation – Symbolizes the origin of the problem. That is, the consultant’s past and the moment in which the difficulties began.
    • Card 5: The Present –  Represents the here and now, built thanks to the situations indicated in the previous card.
    • Card 6: The Near Future –  Symbolizes the immediate future. It foresees what is to come.
    • Card 7: The Power of the Situation – Represents the inner attitude towards problems, your way of reacting psychologically.
    • Card 8: The Effects of People Around You – Indicates which environmental factors are affecting the inquirer. It represents the most important external forces.
    • Card 9: Your Hopes and Fears –  Symbolizes all the fears and desires of the inquirer and the real hopes concerning the central problem of the consultation.
    • Card 10: The Outcome –  This card is the synthesis of the spread, the final result obtained through the interpretation of all the Arcana.