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Students of mediumship sometimes worry that their spirit connection is not strong enough, and they question their ability to bring through detailed messages from the other side. Does this sound like you? After more than three decades of teaching and practicing mediumship, I can assure you the solution is simple, because you already have everything you need to fulfill your spiritual promise.

It’s not surprising that people can feel blocked, spiritually. We live in a busy world, and so much of what we do is focused on the external. Get that promotion, buy a new car, succeed, achieve, do better! That’s the message that the world seems to be broadcasting 24/7, but it’s not the road to true fulfillment. When it comes to tapping into your spiritual gifts, the secret lies within.

You have the key to living a life in synch with your soul. To open the door, consider these suggestions:

1) Be Still and Connect With Your Soul Self

Within your soul is the wisdom of countless lifetimes, but to benefit you must first step into the stillness. When I want to be fully present and in touch with my deepest self, this meditation is where I start.

Sit comfortably, close your eyes, and repeat to yourself “be still, be still, be still.” Focus on your breath and send out the intention “I am open to hear the voice of my soul.” Tune out the noise of the world and the chatter of your mind as you breathe in and out. Silently repeat “be still, be still” like a mantra.

When you have gone to the quiet place inside, be open to insights that come through. They act as signposts, directing you to your true path.

2) Release What’s Holding you Back

Is the clutter of negative energy, resentment and repressed emotion clouding your natural gifts? This is a common problem – especially for sensitive, spiritual souls. But there’s good news. You have the power to break old patterns and just let go. All it takes is self-awareness.

Does the smallest criticism from your spouse or boss cause you to fall into a well of self-doubt? Do you feel abandoned when a friend doesn’t respond to a text immediately? These innocent events might be triggering you, causing you to relive a much bigger trauma from your past. The secret to letting go and moving on is to forgive – not for the other person, but for your own sake. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you excuse someone’s bad behavior. It just means that you’ve made the decision to let it go so they no longer have power over you.

3) Look Inward, Not Outward.

I often say that “What other people think of you is none of your business.” If you’re overly worried about getting approval from other people, you lose touch with what YOU really want or need. Focus your energy on looking WITHIN – to see how your decisions and actions FEEL to you. Spend less time looking OUTWARD and don’t worry so much about the judgement of others. At the end of the day – or the end of your life – what matters is being in touch with what makes you happy, deep in your soul.

4) Remind Yourself that You are Enough – Just as You Are

Of course, you want to be your best, we all do. But as you set goals and work toward improving yourself, remember this. You are a divine, gifted, limitless being – right now. Realizing this will shift your perspective toward the positive.

Thoughts have power! For example, if you are drawn to a career as a psychic, healer or medium you might think about all the reasons to doubt your choice.  If you dwell on how people will judge you, the fact that you can’t afford to make a change, or that you are just “not good enough” you are attracting that negative energy.  Instead look for positive signs and affirmations and nurture them. Get out there and experience small successes and remind yourself of them again and again. Focus on the possibilities and have faith in the messages your soul is sending you.

Are You Ready to Start Tuning into Your Own Soul Wisdom?

If you’re called to the mystical arts, congratulations! The world needs you – now more than ever. You can do this. I leave you with these words. Trust your gut, have faith in yourself, and let your soul be your compass.