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What Are The Differences Between Mediums And Psychics – Which One Should You Choose?

You’ve heard about Mediums and Psychics, but did you know that they are not exactly the same? Both are people who have a gift that allows them to connect more with that energetic part of our world that is invisible to our eyes. The terms “Psychic” and “Medium” are used by the general population as synonyms to describe people who are intuitive and use divination practices or communication with otherworldly beings. Although there are distinct differences between the two terms.

Nowadays, many people tend to fall into confusion and use both terms interchangeably, however, they do not mean the same thing and it is important to know the differences in order to be able to seek the services of one or the other effectively. Let’s first define each of the two words.

A psychic is a person who has the ability to use certain powers impossible to explain by science, however, this does not mean that they are not real. A medium refers to a person who claims to communicate between the dead and the living.

These statements give us light on the fact that a psychic is able to see back in time, things of the present that a person does not see, and also to the future. On the contrary, a medium acts as an intermediary. This is the main and most important difference between these two concepts. In the past, people could find psychics and mediums in circuses, carnivals, etc. However, in the present, one can easily find both through book publishing, television commercials, etc.

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Definition of Psychic

Psychic readers tools - tarot, crystals and pendulum

In order to understand the differences between a medium and a psychic, it is important that we stop to analyze the characteristics of each of these people who work with an altered state of consciousness. In general, a psychic is a person who is able to see the future, to know the past, and to give us the tools to solve the present.

These qualities of clairvoyance can be carried out thanks to different tools that help you connect with the energies: tarot cards, crystal balls, or an astrological study of the person. Psychics will help the people who come to them to be able to project the future and, therefore, will guide them to make decisions in their day-to-day life.

Generally, psychics are people with great intuition. They are able to know the person in front of them much more quickly and immediately than others because they perceive that other information, that invisible energy that surrounds people. That is why psychic people are considered to have an extrasensory perception that allows them to know the future thanks to the opening of different spiritual channels.

All this is possible thanks to the energies they receive from people, places, objects, and so on. Psychics can read and interpret the energetic flows of people and, in this way, be able to know their past, their present and give them tools to build their future in a positive and satisfactory way.

That is why they use their senses, which by the way are more advanced and more powerful than the 5 common human senses, that is why many speak of a sixth sense. These are extrasensory senses that give them the ability to cross the material medium.

Definition of Medium

Man passed over into heaven

When we refer to a Medium, we talk about those people of any sex, education, culture or age, who possess a paranormal ability or extrasensory perception, to communicate with spirits, entities, or energies that no longer inhabit our physical planet.

Types of Mediums

In Spiritualism, mediumship comes in two forms. Physical Mediumship, where the Medium is referred to as a “spirit communicator.” This generally involves the manipulation of energies and energy systems. Mental Mediumship, where the medium is referred to as a “Spirit Operator,” involving communication.


  • Mediums who have the ability to communicate with the spirits of deceased persons, which are often contacted by people who wish to communicate with a family member, partner, or friend.
  • Mediums who have the ability to contact entities, evil spirits or demons, which do not refer to deceased persons, but to spirits that belong to other planes or realities, perceived by mediated sensory areas and little known by psychic activity.

Who To Hire?

A Clairvoyant or a Medium is psychic and can predict the future and guide people. It is the way that they do it that is different. A clairvoyant will use divinatory support – pendulum, oracle, tarot to name a few – while a Medium works without support. Depending on the objective sought during your consultation, you will favor one professional or the other. For example, if you wish to get in touch with a deceased loved one, you will have to consult a Medium. If you wish to know more about your future and illuminate your path, you will need to communicate with a psychic.


Is it possible for a person to be both a psychic and a Medium at the same time?


Every Medium is psychic but not every psychic is a Medium. The gifts related to the divinatory arts have their own purpose. This in no way prevents a person from having several faculties. It is even very likely. In fact, certain gifts are abilities that it is possible to work on and develop, so a person who already has gifts of mediumship will certainly be able to develop his or her gift of clairvoyance.