Who is Alexander Sheps?

Famous Russian psychic Alexander Sheps

Alexander Sheps was born in Samara, Russia, on November 26, 1986. His mother noticed something unusual from the moment of his birth. Alexander was pale, unlike most newborns. Within a few years, he was already communicating with invisible individuals.

His parents are no strangers to extrasensory experiences. His mother is a clairvoyant and a tarot reader, and she saw the spirit of her dead father when she was a child. However, she does not participate in rituals for fear of reprisals. Alexander’s father works in a cemetery, he controls electrical and plumbing networks, but he doesn’t believe in contact with the dead, for he fears that the living energies will be attracted to his son.

During his teenage years, Alexander became aware of his ability to communicate with spirits. At school, he attempted to contact them. After his grandmother passed away in the 2000s, he began reaching out to otherworldly beings. He would visit her grave after school, and talk to her.

Alexander Sheps Younger Years

Alexander Sheps attended the Samara Academy of Culture and Arts

Alexander Sheps distinguished himself by having many varying interests. He was a goth, wrote dark poetry, and was interested in the aesthetics of death during his college years. Art, music, and the Middle Ages were among his favorite subjects. Already at this point in his life, he had started to recognize his magical abilities.

As a student, Alexander recognized his psychic abilities: he wrote a story in which his friend was pierced through the skull with a spear and died – in life, that friend was about to die as a result of that story. At that point, he realized he had a special talent.

After he graduated from high school, Alexander entered the Academy of Culture and Arts. Because he couldn’t graduate from the Samara Academy, he left and started working as an actor while organizing festive events. His first job was with the Molot Theater. He then tried his luck in the event studio Atmosphere. The work Alexander was doing was going quite well, and he gradually took over the management of a group of entertainment establishments called Art Leaders.

Sheps focused on local Samara programs as a news and program presenter. Alexander was known for organizing a very popular program, “Ready for Anything,” similar to the popular “House 2”. Alexander’s experience working in front of the camera was helpful to him when he participated in the televised project “Battle of Psychics”.

Under the pseudonym Alex Energy, he performed as a DJ in Samara nightclubs as well as acting and organizing events. He has been surrounded by music all his life. He became a model because of his outstanding appearance, participated in many shows and photoshoots, and independently organized a show with the participation of famous people.

Romantic Relationships

Alexander Sheps has had several romantic relationships

Even though Alexander is still a young man, he has had several romances throughout his life that have shaped and molded him into who he is today. He has always been drawn to famous and extravagant women. It is said he has several mistresses, including Tatyana Hakumenko and Natalia Kholodova.

A romantic relationship exists between Alexander Sheps and Marilyn Kerro. They met on the show The Battle of the Psychics and now live together. They maintain social media profiles and upload photos together. Alexander has had difficulties maintaining a serious relationship due to his ability to predict deceptive behavior in some women. Those negative experiences prevented him from finding a romantic partner for a long time.

It should be noted that the relationship between Marilyn Kerro and Alexander Sheps developed during The Battle of the Psychics, where they were rivals. The top prize went to Alexander, as she lost to him and took second place. He, in turn, tried to give it back to her. Some people were convinced that the relationship was just a PR stunt. But the couple continued dating after the show ended.

At the end of the battle, Alexander Sheps presented a case to his beloved. No one knows what was inside. Some people assume it was a ring, but it could well have been a chain and pendant. In any case, there is no data on the official wedding, probably the couple married in secret.

Rise to Fame

Russian television program Battle of the Psychics

After Alexander’s victory in The Battle of the Psychics, his independent activity formally began. Therefore, the executives of the show conceived a new program. In which most representatives brilliant battles, winners, and finalists. Thus appeared the program “Psychics are investigating”.

Although some were not satisfied with Alexander’s participation in the show, the vast majority recognized his talent. It is because of this great acceptance that the directors of the program decided to air a new season in which brilliant contestants, winners, and finalists would participate.

In this season his partner Marilyn was also a guest, and together they gained even more popularity. One of the most surprising cases the two were involved in was when filming the show “Psychics Are Investigating”, Alexander Sheps went after Kerro.
She was being mobbed by a very interesting crowd. To calm them down, Alexander spoke to the dead who were there at the time.

After this episode, the couple proved with facts that mysticism does not exist, it is the people, the people who call death by their actions: Alexander and his girlfriend went to the cemetery, and it was then that his girlfriend started to feel bad. This was because people consider it normal to take children under seven years old to the cemetery when the Vedic rites indicate that this should not be done. After all, there will be problems. Fortunately, Marilyn soon recovered and this episode helped to give them even more credibility.

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What is Alexander Doing Now?

To date, there has been a spike in the popularity of the psychic. Alexander Sheps, whose entrance fee depends on the situation, indicates on its official website: pay-as-you-go, hourly. There are also reviews. You can find reviews about Alexander’s services with prices around 10,000 dollars for 15 minutes. It is unlikely, with such price tags, there will be a queue.