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5 Signs That Your Psychic Is More Interested in Cash Than Clairvoyance


Are you considering booking a psychic session for the first time? Perhaps this wouldn’t be your first rodeo and you have had a session or several sessions before. In either case, we would like to present you with the signs of a good psychic vs a bad psychic so that you don’t waste your money. There is nothing more disappointing than a poor psychic reading that you have paid for. So, is your psychic more interested in cash than clairvoyance?

In the United States, the psychic services market is worth more than $2 billion a year! Unfortunately, many are skilled charlatans who know how to get accurate information from a client without any spiritual gifts or metaphysical ability. These people, while they may have some talent, would have had a more honest career as a counselor or therapist. The longer they do it, the better they become at open-ended questioning and cold reading body language and speech.

Here are 5 Considerations When Assessing Your Psychic

  1. You Can’t Beat Word-of-Mouth Recommendations!

You can’t beat Word-of-Mouth recommendations. This is the most obvious tip and it applies to everything from restaurants to doctors and of course psychics. When a friend, work colleague or family member says “I had a reading with….and she was amazing”, there is usually no agenda here. No money to gain, it’s conversation and marketing in its most innocent and organic form.

2. Your Psychic Shouldn’t Be Asking All The Questions!

When a psychic asks a lot of questions throughout your session, it’s not a good sign. Unlike a counseling session, it’s the psychic who should be doing most of the talking – not you! If the psychic is “fishing” for information and details, they will likely use this information you provide to tell a story back to you.

3. Sweeping Generalizations

A clever con artist will begin the reading with some sweeping generalizations and then seem to be more convincing as the reading progresses. This is because you have helped them even if you didn’t intend to.

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4. Upselling You During A Session

Upselling to clear a bad entity or bad energy is a classic and a sure sign of a charlatan. It’s the problem – reaction – solution formula.

5. You Get What You Pay For

Did you shop around for the cheapest? Don’t do that! In every area of life, you get what you pay for. A cheap client is usually aiming for volume of clients and generally doesn’t get repeat business.

How Do The Charlatans Succeed?

Have you ever come across a cheap and tacky advertizement that offers readings for “Money, Health or Love”? The very thing you choose a reading for, gets them off to a head start. You want a “Love” reading? Chances are you are single, lonely, or had a recent break-up. If none of these apply, they are getting warmer. You want to know about “Money”? There is a good chance you don’t have enough of it. Once a psychic successfully hits the right button, they can simply say “you will do better financially next year AND you will go on vacation”. It’s safe because the future hasn’t happened yet and either they will be right or they will be wrong but it was a year ago so who cares.